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Compagnia Del Pomo E Della Punta

"COMPAGNIA DEL POMO E DELLA PUNTA" is an italian reliable reference in the practice of the art of sword fighting of the late medieval European combat disciplines.

We are an Academy of medieval swordsmanship and of individual defence techniques.

Our "Sports Association" was founded in January 2001.

The Masters of the School practice since the early nineties and they've always be involved in modern fencing, in experimental archeology, in historical re-enactment and martial arts.

Science, study, research, passion are applied in the art of combat.

We study unarmed wrestling (Abrazar) and handling of:
knife, dagger, spear, long stick, buckler together with one-hand sword, hand-and-a-half and two-hands sword.

"COMPAGNIA DEL POMO E DELLA PUNTA" teaches and puts into practice fencing, individual combat and defence techniques that were codified and perfected in Europe in the late Middle Ages (XIII, XIV and XV century).

We study the sword and buckler manuscript called "I. 33 MS" and the works of Magistri Fiore dei Liberi, Hans Talhoffer, Filippo Vadi.

Sport, history, european tradition, culture and passion are shared with new friends.

We have regular lessons every week in Torino, Grugliasco and Bosconero.

Individual and customized courses can be organized in our headquarters in Bosconero (we can accommodate in our B & B) and we teach in Piemonte, Italia and Europe too.

For any information or request please write to Masters Marco Andreoli and Lorena Quartero.

E-mail addresses are: or

Bosconero (in the province of Turin) is a small town 30 km NNE of Turin in a land called Canavese.

Canavese, a land rich of history and traditions, is placed at the foot of Western Alps.

We hope to meet you soon!


Our post address is:
Asd Compagnia Del Pomo e della Punta
Via Respighi, 6
10080 Bosconero (TO)